La Gramigna brewery was born in 2016 in Casa del Diavolo, a small village in the rural area of Perugia, from the shared passion of two friends for beer and agriculture. From 2013, they have been testing recipes, processes, and products such as water, malt, hops, and yeasts.

“The combination between the agriculture and brewery traditions allowed us to develop a product strongly connected to our territory thus ensuring its traceability. Moreover, the long-standing experience in the production of barley encouraged us to undergo the barley cultivation for beer production and experiment for the first time the cultivation of several European and American hops plants which can easily adapt to our climate conditions.

Therefore, we refurbished an old farming warehouse and turned it into a laboratory for beer production, sale, and tasting. The passion and dedication that we put into our beer aims at generating into the consumer a certain level of awareness about the authenticity of the product.”


Photo gallery

Here are some descriptive photos of who we are and of our business.